quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012

And she said...

"- I never in my life though I will feel like this one day... I date some guys and there was always something missing and now... now, I look at him and my heart just starts beating faster and faster, I look at him and I know that I love him, I don't think he is perfect, he is not, I can see that, I don't agree with him all the time but I love him even when I think he is wrong, I love him in a way that I don't want to change him.

- So, what is the problem? 

- I will never be able to tell him this, I can't, it is wrong... I should have met him before...

- Why? 

- Now it is impossible, it is just to late to change everything, to make him love me in this way.

- It is never to late, if you two belong together you should fight for it.

- How do I know if we belong together?

- Do you need to ask me this?

- No, I don't but it is easier to believe that maybe, maybe he is not the one, even when I know with all my heart that he is."


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