quarta-feira, 13 de março de 2013

Downton Abbey...

Anna: What is it then?
Molesley: I understand that Mr Bates has gone... for good.
Anna: Yes, I believe that's true.
Molesley: So I was hoping... we might be able to see a little more of each other.
Anna: Mr Molesley, I take this as a real compliment...
Molesley: But it's not going to happen?
Anna: No. You see, if you had a child, and that child was taken from you, if the child was sent to the moon, there'd never be one day when they were out of your thoughts, nor one moment when you weren't praying for their welfare, even if you knew you'd never see them again.
Molesley: That's you and Mr Bates?
Anna: That's me and Mr Bates. But thank you.
Downton Abbey - Season 2 Episode 2


P.S. Estou a virar uma sentimentaloide... este episódio foi um vale de lágrimas aqui por estes lados.