sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Um livro maravilhoso...

"You can run away, but you can not ignore that you love him forever, it doesn't matter how many quilometres you will put between you two, you will have to come back and do something... maybe everything will stay the same, maybe he will tell you that he is also in love with you..."

She knew that she was right, she close her eyes and said...

"And then? Even if he is also in love, what will we do?" 

"Something, life is about our decisions, maybe everything will stay the same, but at least you will know that you did something"

"I am not that type of person, I can not tell him, that will be wrong"

"There is nothing wrong about love"


"Love", said Pen impatiently. "What else would I be talking about?" 

Another silence.

Finally, Will said, "So you're saying, 'Love wins, automatically.'"

"No. Well, maybe. Except that makes it sound easy when it's not. Or not most of the time. It's stringent. Exacting," said Pen. "I think love is an imperative. It obligates you."

"You think that because your mother fell in love with this man, she should be with him, even if your father would not have approved."

Pen recoiled from this, leaning back against the pillow propped against the headboard, but she said, "Yes. Even if it's hard. My father is dead... My mother. This man. Anyone. And I'm not just talking about being in love. I mean any kind of love. You don't mess around. You don't walk away. You can't."


Marisa de los Santos - Falling Together